If you need a cheap website, you need to email me.
I can create a professional website for a quarter the price of a large agency

Why choose Digital Bliss?

Put simply - we believe we have the best balance of price and quality. If you are looking for a cheap website, there are literally hundreds of designers in NZ to pick. However very few of these are willing to put in the effort we are to ensure your entire online strategy is 100% sorted.

We understand our clients often have little to no web experience, and are happy to answer as many questions you have, even if you ultimately decide to use another web designer. We offer this because web design is our passion, and we love talking to others about all things digital.

Our clients come to us because they don't want to be bored with talk of HTML, CSS, PHP, and the ins and outs of databases. They just want a website. When sending your enquiry to us, our first response will simply ask you what competitors websites you like, and what ones you dislike. We then get to work creating your website based on your own preferences, mixed in with a little of what we know about creating websites that drive your business ahead.

Contact us today to have a free no obligation chat about your web needs.

We will be more than happy to give you honest advice, whether we are able to help you ourselves or not.

Our Services

Web Design

Web Design is the foundation to what we do. Our goal is offering affordable web design, while still delivering a super high quality website.

Digital Strategy

Analysing your digital presence saves money by allowing you to see, with inarguable evidence, what marketing sources are working and which are not working. By cutting budgets on the least efficient sources of advertising, and reallocating this to the best performing sources, your stores conversion rate will jump and the same marketing budget will bring you more sales.

Web Analytics

We ensure all our clients have a suitable analytics platform installed on their web server. This lets us see the current state of the website, such as the demographics of those visiting, where they are coming from, what they are doing on the website, and helps answer why they are leaving.

What our clients say.

Matt GilesI started Digital Bliss after seeing too many businesses being led astray by web design and online marketing agencies.  Too often I watched from the sidelines as they exploited their clients lack of knowledge on the topic, and invoices the smallest of business with bills worthy of big corporate marketing campaigns.
Matt Giles
Emma NijmanYay we are making progress! Had some nice comments on the website already too, so thank you
Emma Nijman
Owner, Renaissance Spa
Emma NijmanYay we are making progress! Had some nice comments on the website already too, so thank you
Emma Nijman
Owner, Renaissance Spa

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